VISKA Website Maintenance Plans

We know that you may not have time, knowledge or desire to maintain your website. This is why VISKA has website maintenance plans available to handle updates and routine maintenance. Please check out our options below and select the one that fits your needs.


* Monthly updates and new pages do not carry over and must be used during the month they are available or they are lost.
** Backups are kept for 90 days
+ Plan provides unlimited storage subject to availability of space on a single clustered server. All hosting plans, including plans that offer unlimited storage, are subject to a limit of no more than 500,000 inodes per account Please see the Web Hosting and VPS Service Agreement for further details.
++ Host login credentials must be supplied to VIKSA
2 Email account storage is limited to the following: Ultimate Plan comes with 1000 Email Accounts with 1 GB of total storage.
Products will automatically renew until cancelled.

Current hourly rate: $100.00/hour

You never have to worry if a request is OK. You can send every request to the help desk. If something requires a few more hours, the team will always send an estimate for your approval. That way, there are no surprises and you are always covered.

Choose your plan


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