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VISKA is Icelandic for wisdom – at VISKA, we recognize the intellectual side of wisdom yet celebrate reaching for the unknown. It’s our mission to help business leaders and organizations realize the path to their greatest success. Along the way, we help fill in gaps to create meaningful results and business growth for our clients.

VISKA Consulting is a minority/woman owned business.

01. Success

We drive success by relentlessly pursuing excellence and innovation in everything we do. Our commitment to delivering outstanding results powers our growth and the success of our clients.

02. Accountability

We embrace accountability, recognizing that taking ownership and being responsible for our actions is fundamental to earning the trust of our colleagues, customers, and community.

03. INtegrity

We uphold integrity as our guiding star in decision-making, ensuring that honesty, transparency, and ethical practices are at the heart of all our interactions.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Being a fixer isn’t for everyone, but it’s our forte. We excel in streamlining processes, cost reduction, guiding strategic leadership during mergers and acquisitions, and cultivating strong team dynamics – our track record speaks to our success.


COGS Reduction

Annual Savings (USD)

What’s the Why?

A Blend of Strategy and Action

After spending decades climbing the corporate ladder to reach executive levels in operations and support, I realized my true passion lay beyond the conventional confines of corporate roles. In the corporate world, there’s often a demand for strategic minds, yet a hesitancy to engage in the ‘hands-on’ work. I pride myself on being ‘stratactical’ – a blend of strategic thinking and practical action. This unique approach allows me to not only devise plans but also actively participate in their execution.

The aspect of my work that brings me the most satisfaction is aiding small to medium-sized businesses in discovering and navigating obstacles that impede their productivity and growth. My career journey often revolved around resolving complex challenges, only to find myself replaced once the solutions were implemented and the path ahead seemed smoother. This experience highlighted a recurring pattern: businesses tend to seek out transformative skills for critical phases, but revert to more conventional, less experienced hands for ongoing operations.

My experience led to an epiphany – my skills and passion are best utilized in environments where change is embraced, not feared. Now, I dedicate my expertise to businesses that are not just seeking help but are eager and ready for transformation. This shift has enabled me to focus on empowering companies to scale and thrive, leveraging my unique blend of strategic insight and practical know-how.


A Team Of Professionals

Lori Demshar

Owner & Chief Strategic Engagement Officer

Lori Demshar is an award-winning sales leader with two decades of experience across various industries, including Technology, Consulting, Consumer Electronics, and Beauty. Her expertise extends to multiple sectors such as Government, Healthcare, Retail, Education, and Non-Profit. With a B.Sc. in Communications and a minor in Spanish from the University of Wyoming, Lori’s career has covered extensive sales roles, from Lead Generation to Business Development at organizations like, DyoPath, FrontRange Solutions, SUMMUS Software, OtterBox, and JERA Partnerships. She excels in building strategic partnerships, significantly enhancing revenue and client satisfaction with notable clients like Amazon, NASA, and Crate & Barrel.

Dedicated to team leadership, Lori emphasizes client success as a key to overall achievement. Outside of professional pursuits, she’s actively involved in community service with Partners Mentoring Youth and the Denver Rescue Mission, enjoys golf, outdoor activities in Colorado, and is an avid reader.

Chris Love


Christopher (Chris) Love, is a transformative C-Level Executive and Operating Partner, adept at propelling organizational growth and operational excellence.  He possesses a natural talent for pinpointing and resolving organizational inefficiencies and obstacles that get in the way of growth, productivity, efficiency, and scalability. With a career spanning various leadership roles, he excels in strategy development, process improvement, and fostering robust team dynamics. Key achievements include delivering $300K in yearly savings through strategic expense reallocations, consolidating vendors to achieve 35% cost savings, and turning support functions into profitable centers. His effective mentoring has consistently led teams to exceed performance goals. Chris’s education includes an MSM from Argosy University and a BA in Psychology, complemented by multiple professional certifications such as PMP and Six Sigma. His diverse experience includes significant roles at MessageMedia, Lynton Web, JERA Partnerships, FTR, LTD, and Envivio, showcasing his capacity to drive success in challenging and varied environments.


Outside of this, Chris has a deep involvement in martial arts and has been teaching for over 20 years.  Passionate about safety and security, he instructs law enforcement and civilians in use of force, defensive aerosol, defensive tactics, among other classes through his company Level 5 Combat Systems Ltd.  Having a love of music, you can find him playing bass around Arizona in one of several bands.

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